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At The BAME Project, we ensure to organise different activities and provide unique services. We like to think outside the box, with original ideas from our volunteers and service users, by using their feedback and suggestions, so that everyone can enjoy the services we provide.

Hate Crime Reporting Centre

The BAME Project is a registered Hate Crime Reporting Centre.

We strongly believe that reporting and recording hate crime is important for everyone, whether it's  for yourself or anyone you know. The purpose of the service is so that you are protected and feel safe. Our office is a secure space to have the conversation in a safe and confidential manner

LilyPad Initiative

The Lily Pad Initiative was set up, with the purpose of tackling challenges faced by period poverty. We provide free sanitary products for women and girls that are facing financial hardships and struggle to afford products for their menstrual cycle. We also provide free hygiene products such as deodorants and sanitary towels.

#Chai Check

#Chai Check is an initiative introduced by the BAME Project, which is a service provided in order to identify and provide any form of assistance for anyone who is the subject of domestic abuse or is aware of anyone who may be in a difficult situation. We often hold sessions where anyone who would like the support can safely do so in a confidential way.


Weekly Walking Group

Our Walking Group is an excellent way to enjoy the local greenspaces we have in Bury. By joining our walking group, you are guaranteed to have fun and get active at the same time. We provide incentives such as backpacks and water bottles to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Our Walking Groups normally take place every Sunday at 9:30am


Chai, Chat and Chill

Chai, Chat and Chill is a weekly coffee morning, which takes place every Monday between 10am and 12pm. We discuss different topics and it is a great way to meet new people and interact. We also bring special guests from different backgrounds to talk about topics such as knife crime and public transport. Free refreshments are provided as well!


Social Eating

Eating together - even if it's just occasionally - could improve your emotional wellbeing, and it's also proven to reduce isolation. The BAME Project organises a monthly social eating session where we take our volunteers and service users to different places to try different cuisines, especially to local, small businesses.


Become a Volunteer

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What Our Service Users Say


Haseena, Service User

" I enjoy the different activities available such as the IT classes. I have learnt so much about how technology works. I also enjoy the parties organised by The BAME Project,"
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