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Education Station

The COVID-19 pandemic had and still has a huge impact on us all, One area in particular that it has impacted the most is Education.

We wanted to do something in order to support the disadvantaged children who are facing difficulty home-schooling due to lack of appropriate equipment to do so.

As a result of this, we came up with our Education Station Initiative. We were successful in receiving a COVID-19 response grant from Forever Manchester.

From this, we purchased 80 android tablets and distributed this amongst 8 local schools in Bury East along with Stationery Packs.

The stationery packs were made up of kind donations we received from stationery companies, such as Bic, Maped Helix, Staedtler and Crayola.

The Deputy Leader of Bury Council accompanied us in the distribution of the Education Station packs.

"I think this is a brilliant and well thought initiative by The BAME Project"

- Cllr Tariq

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